Dear Sir or Madam:

The firm “ADIZO” would  like  to be partner in the area of the ENVIROMENT, to accomplish  the  following  activities:

* Investigate, project, manufacture, assemble, permit and service  of  purification installations and equipment, which are intended for the purification  of   domestic and industrial  waste water.

* Production, assembly, and service of purification installations and equipment for slow-moving water supply of  swimming pools.

* Reconstruction,  modernization,  and  automation  of existing  purification

installations  and  equipment for  waste water and for the slow-moving water  supply of swimming pools.

* Production of metal products and equipment for the collection  and storage of hard  domestic and industrial waste.

* Assessment of the environmental  impact of projects and activities  identified from laws for the protection of the environment.

All of the designing   and implementation activities for purifying waste water are consistent with the requirements of  the Law Preservation of the Environment and documents created based on this law.

The firm  will apply reliable technical and technological  solutions to the design, development and practical applications of your project.

Your problems will be solved professionally with guaranteed economic, social, and environmental benefits.

Sincerely:                                      /Eng.A.Dimitrov/


ADIZO is a Bulgarian company. It was established in 1991, with main activity design and manufacture of water treatment plants, machinery and equipment for wastewater from domestic and industrial character.

ADIZO Company, with director and chief designer dipl. Eng. Angel Dimitrov, has an extensive experience in designing systems and equipment for wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial origin. All design work for wastewater treatment is consistent with the requirements of the Law on environmental protection and the ensuing regulations.
The company has successfully proved itself on the market, standing out with honesty, professionalism and products of high quality. We strive to create permanent partners and gain the confidence of new investment companies, designers and organizations related to environmental protection.


• Research, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of treatment plants and equipment for wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial nature;
• Rehabilitation, modernization and automation of existing treatment plants and wastewater facilities;
• Development of non-standard equipment for treatment facilities.
• Grids of mechanical and manual cleaning, curved screens; sluices / Gate Equipment /; mud-and-grease holders; greaseholders;
• settlings/depositors, pressure flotation facilities; elektrokoagulator-jigger, stirring facilities for solutions and reagents; surface turbine aerators – of fixed or floating turbines with diameters of mm. 300 / 800 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000, ejectors, impeller aerators; mud clarifiers/cleaners and mud-thickener depositors; unconfined filters, dosing equipment for disinfecting wastewater.

We have designed and built water treatment plants and wastewater facilities in Bulgaria for single-family homes, holiday homes, holiday settlements and resorts, roadside catering, dairies, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, plants for processing of leather, car washes, gas stations, etc.

Team working in ADIZO company is highly qualified.

Membership in professional associations:

• Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design.  Acquired total design capacity by record of 05/2005 of the CEID (Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design) in the field of „Technology of energy and mining industry businesses, water and air purification and waste treatment “ with  Reg. № 04256.

• Membership in the „Bulgarian Water Association“ / BWA /.


Modular Treatment Plant of Continuous Aeration

• High efficiency  process of wastewater treatment;
• Process of complete mixing, which most closely corresponds to the  changes in flow and congestion of small settlements;
• Good stabilization of the sludge, eliminating the problems associated with odors;
• Versatile process allowing expansion, modifications and implementation of  new processes;
• adaptable to prefabricated systems, which reduces prime costs and simplifies the implementation.


Innovation, technology – we strive to offer the most advanced solutions in water treatment by meeting the needs of each site. Our aim is to achieve maximum effect of water purification by optimal decisions. The company offers reliable  technical and technological solutions in design development and its practical implementation, tailored to the requirements of the Environment Protection Law and the ensuing regulations.

The Company’s motto is:



ADIZO Company works with high tech products. It has a reputation of an upright and solid company which, by virtue of its foresight and flexible policy of effective and precise work, has boosted the Bulgarian market for the production of modular water treatment facilities. The company has its own factory, equipped with modern production facilities.


ADIZO’s permanent interests in „WATER-Sofia“ international exhibition and Plovdiv International Technical Fair make it well-known in the field of water treatment.
The company executes orders for Greece.


The automated management and work control of the purification equipment creates security and peace to our clients.
The company develops active investment policy. It has developed and implemented a GPRS system for management and monitoring of treatment facilities.
Also, the creation of a modern manufacturing base has been set in the investment plan.


The Company’s social and security policy is focused on protecting the interests of the staff, as special attention is paid to compliance with labor law regulations. The company constantly invests time and money across different activities related to:
• Improving the staff’s qualification;
• Creating financial-incentive models and their systematization;
• Carrying out various events of integration character.